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The Power of Focus and Desire

The Power of Focus and Desire (Comments Off on The Power of Focus and Desire)

March 26, 2016 • Category: Eminiwizard

Desire. Trading is not sexy. It is often lonely, boring, and confusing with too much information. It is frustrating and unproductive most of the time, punctuated by moments of emotional over-stimulation. Sometimes it is even profitable. #Kiss, Kiss. The game is simple but not easy, though Twitter enthusiasts would have us think otherwise, especially in […]

The Power of Focus and Desire

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Castle of Angels (Comments Off on Castle of Angels)

Castle of Angels

Angels fly, even with broken wings. Just ask the shorts who thought they had great position going into Friday’s trading day. After a rout on Thursday, who could argue with the logic of MATD? Still, somehow it’s hard not to notice that the past five years have made it hard to believe in the short […]

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Just do it (1)

Just do it

Step by Step. Clues abound, but a paradox exists. The principle of  “Kiss” is alive and well, but it doesn’t mean simple is easy. ============= A reminder: We do the best we can to analyze and help educate traders to become self-reliant. Although we suggest multiple opportunities throughout the day, some are better than others. […]

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Geyser Kaiser (Comments Off on Geyser Kaiser)

Geyser Kaiser

Take action. That’s what winners do; do you? —————– Manic depressive markets are hard to trade, and being human, most traders react emotionally. We need a plan if we are going to survive the turbulence of unsettled waters. I will not insult your intelligence by making any ridiculous claims. Watch the videos that I have […]

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Sequence Trade Logic (Comments Off on Sequence Trade Logic)

Sequence Trade Logic

Dare to compare. One Discovery. The Angel is born to test the Demon, and vice versa. E invites you to compare your ability with his to “read the tape” in real time. Premarket, E reviews his thoughts, and shares them with the Team. This frame of reference is the starting point for the day’s trading, and […]

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Shame on me. I am woefully wrong about my dreams and desires of helping traders and investors. Almost five years ago I expected that it would be easy to find and help other traders. Coaching and teaching is something that I love to do, and I think I am good at it. The problem seems […]

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Deer Charlie (Comments Off on Deer Charlie)

Deer Charlie

    Dear Charlie. You averaged in and lost today big time, right? Frozen in the headlights like a deer, you didn’t know what to do. Just guessing, apologies if you got it right. ————- Time is on my side, but not yours. The Anniversary Special ends soon. I am biased, but think its an […]