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Black and white
Range Trading

Range Trading

Black and white is a concept that is important to trading.

I look at many trader’s charts, and note the beautiful colors showing up bars, down bars, trendines etc. Some of my favorites are the black background with red, green, yellow, and blue.

I am not sure where I got the idea for my boring charts that I post. I believe it was the trader’s coach, Adrienne Toghraie. An article I read by her suggested that the bright colors added excitement to a business that is already infused with too much emotion.

Whatever our demons, we often need help to overcome these stumbling blocks. Expert traders like Joe Ross have recommended that we find a mentor able to stretch us and move us beyond our personal limitations.

The long and short of it is simple:

Just do it.

Summer Friday, the work was done early filling two downside gaps to start the month of August. Range trading was the normal expected trading for those who lingered, hoping for more.

Enjoy your weekend and come back refreshed for another opportunity Monday.


Summer fun

Summer fun

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