Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati



If you have had the intellectual curiosity to investigate fractals, your journey has certainly crossed paths with The Mandelbrot Set.

Repeating patterns occur regularly in nature and in the markets, with self-similarity but not necessarily with exact precision.

 The golden ratio has been popularized in wall street folklore, and any serious student of the markets will need to determine for themselves how to apply these mathematical proportions to their trading.

Further study including the fascinating Fibonacci sequence leaves one’s mind bewildered by the complexity of the discipline. There is obvious truth to the sequence, but which side is winning? How do we utilize and effectively apply this information?

Every trader needs to develop a methodlogy that makes sense for his or her ability to “see”, bringing order and a systematic approach that can be duplicated. Trading is about finding the current market rhythm, and allowing good trades to develop accordingly.

Minimizing risk by taking trades near confluence or fibonacci clusters usually provides us with guidelines for a reasonable entry. If our judgement is correct, then opposing levels allow us a prudent exit for our trades.

As usual, today’s movement offered numerous occasions to witness these principles repeat themselves with regularity. Practioners who were able to discern the true nature of the price level of the market made money.

The dance is always the short term against the long term, creating endless flow.

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