Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Friday the 13th

As is normal in the summer, the boys left early for their life of leisure near the shore. Volume was light, and the tick charts showed that they were not particularly active.

Their game plan, however, was easy to anticipate. Get it done early, buy it on the pullback. There has been a 30 point bounce already in two days from the recent 110 point drop.

The afternoon support kicked in at a key reversal price and time,and sequence traders knew exactly where we were headed in the double play move. The late day burst at 3:40 frustrated a lot of traders who became inattentive and assumed the market was listless and going nowhere.

Way to go team.

Manipulated markets are relatively contrived and easy to read.

If you fight them, they will destroy you. If you stand aside, nothing will happen. If you join them at the right time, you will get wealthy.

I know what my choice is, what’s yours?

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