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Fry Day
The Art of Trading

The Art of Trading

The shorts were cooked in an afternoon reversal.

The low was made near a gap around 11:00 am, and the shorts were history when it was Dime Time and 25 support held. Fridays are not particularly easy, as big players re-adjust their weekly positions.

Four levels of resistance were tested and broken, until the final level held at the EOD, starting at 4pm as profit taking finally came in.

My rule is simple: One contract going in the right direction is better than 5 going in the wrong direction. Volatile moves have occurred lately, and I have found it easier to reverse than fight what seems to be a rising tide.

Averaging in is a loser’s game, and will cost us dearly if we don’t pay attention to which direction the market is moving Now as opposed to a few minutes ago.

Lunch time trading is for those who missed the primary trade; if you spotted the 42 resistance, there was nothing to do but take profits near the gap target and suspect the potential db may hold.

It did, and why fight it?

Go with the flow. Just like a tide, when it’s coming in go with it, and reverse the process when the tide goes out.

The secret code traders understood where the reversal point was, and made profits in both directions if they understood the dynamics of our Angels and Demons trade. Everyday there is a set-up, and the key is knowing what to look for.

Reversals are more easily seen with the luxury of a rear view mirror. Sensing the turn around is more art than science, and being in the wrong direction is acceptable.

Continuing to be in the wrong direction, however, is not.


Fry Day

Fry Day

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