Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Illuminating the Illuminati

From the days of ancient civilizations, the enlightened ones developed a code, a system for entering and exiting the markets.

Trying to beat them is a fool’s game.

Learning their code, then going along for a ride with themĀ is the way the winners play.

Today, we refer to them as strong hands.

They are usually buying when we are selling.

It often seems that way, doesn’t it?

If you think they are about to share the secrets that have created their vast wealth with you, you are much too gullible to be a successful trader.

You may as well go find another career, hobby, or pastime before you lose your shirt.

If you think that master traders who have spent years perfecting their craft are going to give you their secrets in a freebie seminar, again you are likely mistaken.

Discovering their system is only part of the dilemma; the other part is actually having the courage to trade the system with real bullets flying at you.

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