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Jump the creek
Chart Patterns

Chart Patterns

One of my favorite patterns in our library is called jump the creek, and today’s play was as accurate as you will ever get.

Maybe that’s because it’s cold here and the creek is frozen.

Rules for all our plays are outlined in our program. They include all the information relevant to the play.

It is sometimes difficult to take the long side trade with a big gap up, but when we piece together several clues, we can see the bias and where the likely pullback support will be found.

Professional traders develop systems for consistency, so that pattern recognition triggers our actions accordingly.

At Secret code traders had one thought in mind today; find the pullback support after the wrong way charlies were caught on both sides.

Some traders scroll multiple stocks for patterns; I prefer to focus exclusively on the emini and know how to trade ONE vehicle successfully, over and over.

What kind of system do you use?

How do know when the creek has been jumped, and when we are safely on the other side?

I don’t wish to imply that we have all the answers, we don’t.

We do, however, have a plan, a bias for action, an offense and defense, and an insatiable thirst for continuous learning.


Jump the creek
Jump the creek

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