Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Mouse Tales
The System

The System

Trading is such a simple business.

Two action clicks are all we need to know.

  • Buy
  • Sell

There is a third behavior to be reconciled: Sit on our hands and do nothing.

Of course, timing is everything, so we need to get the order correct. I said trading is a simple business, not easy.

Everyone has their own favorite indicators, including me, to decide what button to push when.

If you ever get a chance to see a few of my favorites, it will only take you a few days of observation to see why.

Preparing our mind to win is one of the least understood, but most important aspects of trading. With our mind right, the odds of our correct interpretation of the chart patterns increases dramatically.

Part of my system is knowing the odds have changed when the rubber band has been stretched too far.

Today’s pullback from the opening price was predicatable, but as you know, nothing is guaranteed.

Oh, the tales my mouse could tell after seeing what a brilliant, sophisticated code the Illuminati have written!

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