Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati


Is that all there is?

The marginal higher high overnight was a good bluff but the bears called the bulls and after a morning and lunch stalemate the bulls gave it up.

Finding a good (safe) entry is not easy when the market begins to fall. Jumping in immediately seems to be the best way when support is broken. Manage the trade for a few minutes, determine the logical targets, and relax while the waterfall goes to work.

Like a football running back in open field, sometimes there is little opposition in a day like today. The would be tacklers are few and far between once momentum begins to develop. Many times fast up = fast down. No support is built up, so not a lot of pivots to work through.

Code traders knew exactly where to take profits, leaving the party on cue fat and sassy.

One day wonders are often seen in bear markets. They scream higher one day and pathetically reverse the next.

No heroes out there, just staying with the major trend after the bounce ends should keep you out of trouble.

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