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Ride the Wave of Life

Riding the wave of trading is easy once you learn how.

Riding the wave of Life is a lot harder for most of us.

Austin Passamonte has written a great article that I would like to share with you. It puts trading, or any other business for that matter, in perspective.

The 43 bar slim jim caged the shorts and destroyed the traders who do not understand the power of a late day breakout.

It was as neat a trap as I have seen sprung in a long time, with the power hour starting around 2:15 est.

Breath taking moves such as today’s finish are easily seen in hindsight. The seeds had been sown early today, and the tempo accelerated as the stops were hit behind the morning and lunch highs.

Taking a shot at resistance is one thing; being stubborn is quite another.

Traders who took the higher odds gap play and elected to ride the wave until the 4 pm high still have the adrenalin pumping.

The market dynamics are constantly changing, and we need to adapt or be led to slaughter. It’s always our choice.


43 bar slim jim

43 bar slim jim

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