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Riding the Waves of Summer

I believe that everything in life serves me.

Summer vacation at the beach last week is no exception. A few observations:

  • Watching the waves, almost imperceptibly, the tide turns.
  • Swmming with the current that ran parallel to the shore was effortless.
  • Swimming against the current that ran parallel to the shore was impossible, even for Michael Phelps.
  • When riding the current, “getting out a little sooner” was easier than waiting until caught in the chop.
  • A come-along was the tool of choice to pull an off-roading BMW X5 out of the sand.
  • What a difference a day makes; one day sunny and pleasant, another cloudy, windy, and cold.

Newly released Elliot Wave research has revealed some eye-opening results that will most certainly prove to be controversial.  Take a look.

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