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Scalper Heaven

The early morning Citi news gave the market thrust at 6:30 am, and that was it for today’s excitement. It was range trading the rest of the day as the boys left early for the shores on a gorgeous summer day.

The market threatened to break out several times but lacked the volume to muster an attack in either direction. Marking time and killing options seemed to be the MO for options expiration.

Scalping from the outside in was the winning strategy for those who hung around and played both sides. The best bang for your buck, however, was the gap fill trade. The First Hour trade was done, and paid off handsomely for an hour of work.

Trading doesn’t need to be a full day of work every day. Lighten up and enjoy life while you can like the boys do.

A dedicated and serious student of the market is Naturus, who specializes in teaching and coaching emini sp traders to take trend and contra-trend scalps.  Her track record is impressive, so you may want to take a look at her site.

Although we do not endorse any particulur “guru”, we are committed to expose you to traders and websites that we feel may benefit you, whatever your level of sophistication with the market.


double down on 41 and range trade

double down on 41 and range trade

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