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Spaghetti charts

I have seen many charts in my day.  Recently I opened a popular author’s book and asked my wife to bring me a fork. With so many moving averages, trendlines, bollinger bands, It reminded me of a bowl of spaghetti.

The charts had too much information, making it impossible to see the truth with any clarity.

There is no right way or wrong way as to how many charts to have available, and what information to display. Every trader needs to manage his own real estate view.

Too little information, and you miss critical insights; too much and you just get confused.

Read this article for additional thoughts.

I like trade station’s functionaltiy of multple workspaces; with one click I can get a different view in predetermined time frames, whether globex, regular hours, or even tick chart format.

This is a business, and I cannot afford to go without the best tools available.

Can you imagine Tiger Woods going out on the course with half a set of clubs with worn out grips, or worse, 18 clubs in his bag?

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