Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

The Science of Deduction

“Like all other arts, the Science of Deduction and Analysis is one which can only be acquired by long and patient study, nor is life long enough to allow any mortal to attain the highest possible perfection in it.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

If a sleuth as insightful as Sherlock Holmes admits to inadequacy in his chosen profession, how are we as mere mortals supposed to solve the complexities of the market with any consistency?

Elementary, my dear reader. We cannot. We can only take profits when we are right and use stop losses to protect us when our conclusions are incorrect.

Misdirection and headfakes are part of the game. We use additional clues like tick, trin, relationships with other indexes, and indicators to help us interpret the price movement.

If you understand what the Illuminati know, then you have one more tool to help you know their predetermined targets.

Today’s bounce was short-lived. Trend traders kept looking for shorting opportunities. We were at an important level so patience was the key for intelligent traders.

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