Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

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This week was option expiration.

Anything goes, and we were prepared for it.

Selling puts and calls every month seems to be quite a profitable enterprise for the boys judging by all those beamers, lexus, rovers, and mercedes they drive.

Of course, now and then they get beat.

Selling time decay (a certainty) and a loss of volaility (a possibility), the edge goes to the casino.

We need to be thinking ahead, how we will react to possible scenarios, and be ready for anything if we are going to win at this game.

Clinging to a bias is the surest way to get beat.

Understanding the premise that they want to run stops like they did thursday afternoon, then plunge overnight with the herd on its heels is the flexibility we need in our thinking.

Code traders understood pattern completion and had a field day this week, including friday.

X marks the spot.

Stan Moore  has developed an incredible system, and I am indebted to him for his valuable indicators as well as his system. Absolutely brilliant.

Adding the secret code to his methodology gives us a huge advantage.

By adding valuable parts to an already viable system we can increase the results exponentially.

Sweep your profits out of your account and have a blast this weekend.

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