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Bungee Broke
Money Management

Money Management


If the safety line on the bungee cord lets go, we’re in trouble.

I think the bungee is stretched a bit, don’t you?

The market is having a hard time dealing with the stimulus package, among other things.

Banks to the rescue?

I don’t think so.

In the 90’s, these kinds of challenges were referred to as “pushing on a string.”

Kind of like asking a bungee to snap back, even if the elastic is broken.

Accumulating more debt, personally and as a government, is like cutting our bungee half way through.

I am not a world class economist; I just know that common sense suggests that we can’t continue to “spend” our way to prosperity.

The books need to be in balance, and unti they are, we are at systemic risk.

If you are having a hard time understanding what that means, ask some of those people or institutions that invested their money with Bernie Madoff.

Last year’s low was tested today. Now it’s time to see about that bungee cord.

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