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A quick weekend blog.

System Release

A few traders have asked me about the system release. I am finishing the back end member content area, 90% done.

We need at least 25 traders ready to go before we start with the first group. As I am probably not as tech savvy as many of you, feel free to suggest ideas for websites, resources, etc for content as well as delivery of the material.

The intent of this material is for personal use only. If you are a “whale” (hedge fund, chat room guru, commercial venture of some kind, etc) we will have different parameters.

Many experts charge ongoing monthly subscription fees. Our system is designed to teach you how to make your own calls, and is a one time investment. We will a offer chat room (no charge) with real time help to get you started.

Nothing is held back; we will give you the chart settings, specific trades, theory, spreadsheets (excel) and the unique discoveries that help us make our calls.

Affiliate Program

We will have an affiliate program up and running shortly, anyone interested please watch for further details. No purchase is necessary to be an affiliate. The calls made on Twitter were designed to show our style, basic approach to trading, and obviously most importantly, results. The timing and accuracy were time stamped, and included supportive charts.


Calls have been made for about a month now on Twitter on a daily basis. Judge for yourself  if this system suits your needs, with regard to your personality, experience, capital, time available, and results.


We are educators,and while we believe our methods are sound, want traders to assume 100% responsibility for their own trading decisions. We may or may not have on positions that are with you or against you, or even be completely out of the market.


“All of us are smarter than each of us”.

The larger intent of this site is to create an active community, where we can share ideas and further develop our individual trading success. Please utilize our library, and suggest ideas for relevant books that may be missing.

We are also interested in discovering outstanding traders that we can add to our “More Great Sites“. Hamzei Analytics , for example, was added this week. I live in a very shallow world and want to make this site as valuable as possible. In my isolation, I often miss these opportunities. I used to be fanatical about CNBC. I almost NEVER have the TV on anymore during market hours. It’s counter-productive to my trading, as I am specialized in TA.

Please be aware that I have many more hidden “resources” in the protected back end that will become available to system members.


Do a little homework, review your trades, browse a few charts. Then go and enjoy the weekend with your family. There is more to life than trading.

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