Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

…the numbers lead a dance…

Regular readers of this column know that I believe in many concepts so what shall we focus on as the major theme for tonight?

I have a range of techniques ranging from simple to complex. I wish my system was simple, like market profile, but it is what it is. That’s what happens when you spend 15 years studying a variety of mentors and approaches.

The “system” is actually a collection of ideas.

One of the most important concepts of our system is this simple philosophy:

“Would you rather be in front of a judge or a jury in a trial?” We want to “convict” the market by a number of ideas.

Last night’s column laid out the potential next upside targets.

We had at least 4 to 5  jurors that convicted the 17 to 22 range.

Specific, quantifiable, objective reasons.

Anyone can come up with “generalities”; how many can think and react on their feet and determine when the market has switched into reverse?

No one I know of is going to be able to catch every swing exactly right in the market; at least I cannot.

We spent about 45 minutes after the market closed answering specific questions about today’s trades. I was in our chat room from 8 am until well after 5.

All I can say is I love this business and working with the great team of traders in our room.

I make “calls” not to be a guru but to teach how to interpret the system and all it’s tools.

I made it clear that the upside potential held little interest for me,that I preferred the downside. “We have more work to do on the downside” was my call.

Z man, one of the great traders in our room, gave us a number of fundamental reasons to be wary of  the long side. I am admittedly shallow in that regard, and love the backup he provides our room.

This is a lonely business. I don’t blame you for trying to obtain “free” calls on twitter. Many use that platform to educate and are quite good.

If and when you are ready to try our system, there is currently a one time fee for members to get the entire program, and no additional fees.

If I can help you or not, I don’t know. The things I have learned may not jive with your temperament, capital, risk tolerance, discipline.

Traders who have been with me now are readily available as references.

When you are tired of window shopping, drop me a line.


The numbers: 17 resistance, the box was 11 and 5 as called, and when 5 broke the door was opened for the waterfall.


The running back broke the line of scrimmage and ran to daylight. No one could catch him as he raced to the end zone.

T1 was the 02 area; conservatives out all at 3.25 to 2.75; when that can’t bounce jump back in for the targets 00.5,  98.5, and T2 97 as called, with the outlier magnet at 95.75 destined.

Objective, quantifiable, and deadly accurate.

Day after day, trade after trade, the Secret code of the Illuminati is alive and well.


  • eminiwizard (Author) said:
  • i001962 (Author) said:

    Today marked the end of my 5th month learning (trading full-time) under E’s tutelage. I use that word intentionally because it best describes the relationship. E is as much ‘guardian’ as he is educator. Please don’t read that to mean he makes the trades for the room – he doesn’t – we do our own clicking- but he invariably points out the extremes, chop zones and jurors we should keep our eyes on. If you want somebody to fish for you move on…if you want to learn to fish this is a great offering.

  • eminiwizard (Author) said:

    Thanks Kevin, I appreciate your feedback and kind words.

    No one knows where the market is going, NO ONE. All we can do is make our best guess, and trade probabilities.

    One of my college coaches had a saying that still rings true for me: “Confidence, tempered with humility.”

    I learn as much from “the team” by your continued output and special insights.

    Glad to be sharing the journey with you, my friend.

  • eminiwizard (Author) said:
  • eminiwizard (Author) said:

    Hi E,
    > After two weeks of studying your website and following in the chat room,
    > i found you and all the members in the room are brilliant and i believe
    > that i can get benefit from your system and all the comments from others,
    > just want to say thank you and to all the members in the room.

    Thank you ! Glad to have you with us Terry.

    > Currently i still have some confusing about the system, hope you can
    > clarify for me:
    > 1. I saw your chart everyday, beside the EMA, what else in your chart? i
    > know there are envelop and you purchased it from some where, what that
    > indicator for?

    That tells me when the market is generally overbought or oversold, relative
    to the time frame. The higher the time frame (120 vs 5 min e.g. ), the more

    besides, what’s the red horizontal line ?

    these lines have some interest for me, usually denoting a zone.

    > other two panels one is volume what’s the other? and it’s setting?

    > i have separate little box where i focus. +1000 or – 600 interest me,
    > tells me a push is being done. too extreme and within 30 minutes i expect
    > a reversal or at least profit taking.

    > 2. XX weekly, still not sure where to look at it, i use 120 min chart and
    > plot fib. between week hi and low, but not sure what frame to look at SS?

    > this is an independent juror. since we are interested in the 5 major
    > pivots of each bar, this helps see the potential next area as part of the
    > XXXXXXXXXXX system.

    > 3. Right now, i am more understanding about the SS and the XXXXXXXXX etc
    > your system, but do you have any specific setup or like signal bar to
    > pull your trigger? as today, i also expect 19 may be the possible top as
    > your system indicated but i don’t know when to pull the trigger? i don’t
    > trade real money as this moment yet.

    glad u are studying an not throwing away real money until u become more
    familiar. if u think 19 area is the high, then enter at 18.5, 18.75, 18.25
    something like that. one contract. then as it goes in your favor, capture a
    profit. if it goes to XXXX , take 2 points or so. keep practicing. if u think
    more, then re enter, but never lose more than u just made. if it was big
    move up, then hang on and try for more, assuming the 456 concept. 10 points
    up = 4 pts pb, 20 points up = 8 to 10, so be more patient.

    > 4. Can i ask questions in the chat room directly? or i need to setup some
    > thing first?

    ask anytime in chat room. thats why we are there to help u
    > learn how to use the tools in real time

    > Thanks and have a nice weekend!

    you too! great questions. E

    > Terry


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