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It Don’t Matter to me…
Art of Trading

Art of Trading

Our Daily Bread.

We have to earn it somehow, and to do that we need to have a reliable system, use stop losses, and take profits.

Why make it any more complicated than that?

It don’t matter to me whether I am going long or short;  I just want to have the edge when I am in the trade.

Where was today’s “edge”?

In an expected consolidation day, the edge is for resistance to hold in the first hour, and attempt to fill the half gap and gap.

Any more than that is a bonus; any bounces above the first resistance level would likely be met with selling.

The slope of the blue line in the charts I posted suggested that.

The 03 significant resistance area never even came close to being an issue today.

Range trading at its… worst.

A lazy summer day.

big look




In range trading, we sell high and buy low.

Keep it simple…

School’s out, relax and enjoy life…

Even Art class is out of session.

It Don't Matter to me

It Don't Matter to me

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