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Much Ado about E



I recently mentioned a trader, Fari Hamzei , and I wanted to share with you a little bit more about myself and the way I think.

This is not easy for me, as I really am humble.

I was on Twitter, and I noticed he was following me, as a few others do. I usually check profiles before I follow someone, and I immediately recognized him as different from the crowd. He had an unusually small group of people he was following, and had tons of people following him. He was prolific in his posting, so it made sense to follow him. He is a brilliant analyst, and has depth of knowledge as well as character (the latter being more important to me).


Naturally, I was flattered to have him following my calls. It helps me reinforce my beliefs in myself. That being said, it is important to remain ego-less and humble. The minute I think I am smarter than you, or him, or the market, I am in trouble. I am history, toast, doomed to failure if I think I am immune to self-sabotage, making mistakes, and any and all other problems we can run into.

Perpetual Student

As a public educator for almost 20 years, I am not blessed with a pedigree from Harvard or Yale or Wharton. I did discover, however many years after graduation, that there are some things you learn best by experience and by doing.

I discovered that if I want to learn something, I want to be the dumbest person in the room, not the smartest. That is not to say that I cannot learn something from everyone; I believe I can and that is one of my strengths. The odds of me learning something new increases dramatically, however, by me being exposed to people who are more knowledgeable than me, it is as simple as that.

Due Diligence

Do you think I went to his website to learn more about him? Do you think I have already investigated the other traders he is following? Do you think his selection process for people he follows has already saved me countless hours of searching for high quality thinkers in the trading business?

Reflections in the Mirror

Here is another example. A trader following me had 0 updates, no followers, and was following 35 people. I was about to block, then I said let’s take a closer look. He was 100% focused on following a number of well known, respected traders. Clicked “Follow”. Why not? at least he is not porn, or yada yada about what he had for lunch everyday or other trivia. Sure, have a personality, but get focused on what we are here for. If he can learn from me, I am happy to help him.

Another trader I discovered in a blog we mutually follow, I also checked out. He had numerous posts, but they were a bit pompous and vague. He had a number of followers, and followed no one. In the information age, someone who does not take advantage of the insights of superior traders and make his own trading decisions has a problem of Hubris and is not worthy of my following him, as likely his thinking will be poisoned by ego.

Angels and Demons, the Movie


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