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Option Weak


Today’s pull back had the feel of a gentle, slow motion carnival ride.

The real thing like the thunderbolt leaves me nauseous; this kind of non-action just leaves traders frustrated and off balance.

Friday’s resistance held overnight, then price tested the subsequent supports,never mustering the strength to bounce very far. The first hour breakout was a weak attempt to back test some breakdowns, but in the end, it seemed like both sides lacked the will and energy to push things.

I wondered if it wasn’t the “option killing move” which is really an oxymoron; more like price stuck in molasses in January.

Students of the Eminiwizard system will keep track of significant pivots, because they are potential points of interest to be revisited.

In all truth, we never know which side will win, but we use our intuition to observe the objective supports and resistance as they develop, and then react accordingly.

The 16.5 resistance was labelled on one of the earliest charts I posted pre market; how is that possible? The 03 was a magnet to be tested, and shorts didn’t see it it in RTH but it was hit after hours, predestined to be challenged,  just a matter of time.

Keep studying, or better yet consider splurging (gasp) to learn some of my secrets that have been catalogued and are part of the program.

No hype, no nonsense. Day after day, students have seen the accuracy of this method. Targets identified, stops in place, and low risk trading. Results on Twitter, for all to see.

Isn’t this a better way to trade than guessing?

Sorry the post is late, company dropped in and the digital world had to take a back seat.

We are looking for a group of at least 25 traders who are ready to learn the system. I gave a free lesson last week to a few traders,and I told them they were getting one of my Best clues. A few of them have caught on and see the power of this great tool.

When you combine it with a few other things, you will see some remarkable results in your trading, as long as you stay disciplined and focused.

I don’t claim to be #1, or anything else. Just a humble student of those Angels and Demons.

How about you, interested?

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