Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Out of the gate and don’t be late
The System

The System

Last week’s low was broken in the overnight trade, and was a clue to get short and hope for the best at the gap fill open. While risky, it was at least a continuation trade that once established, never looked back.

The weak bounce at lunch to the 74 area was more “profit taking” than excited longs, although I did hear many in the chat room “guessing” the bottom all day long.

The action ground lower all day long until the day trade shorts covered at an intra-day support area when it was time to protect profits. Grail traders were rewarded for their confidence in a system that works well most days.

This is option expiration week, and anything goes.

As a reminder to those longs who wanted 957  last week, we are now a stones throw away from 857. Rigidly holding to an opinion can be dangerous to your wealth.

Secret Code traders had a great opportunity to bail and reverse late day for the cigar trade if they had profits.

See what shapes up overnight.


Out of the gate

Out of the gate

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