Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati



The arm chair analysts are amusing.

As if we could make money by merely throwing targets out there.

Dare to be different. If you were a member in our room, a student of the Emini wizard system, you would hear me saying over and over: Stop thinking, stop  guessing. Anticipate reversal areas, then just react to what you see, what is real.

Lose your opinion, your bias.Make educated guesses and allow your right brain to get in the game.

We are sequence traders, and have a plan. Aggressive traders take more frequent and risky trades, conservatives wait for a bit more confirmation and accept a bit less profit for the reduced risk.

I love teaching this info to our members, and it is starting to sink in with some of them after a bit of study. We welcome traders to consider our one-time investment that I believe is the best value out there. Why not try it before you spend the customary 5 to $10,000 for the pick and shovel peddlers?

Calls made on twitter… found a number of great trades today and got lucky… 72 morning resistance, with 59.5 as support; 76 to 78 named as resistance after the announcement. “PrimaryTarget 75.75 hit, Demon73.5 as resistance. Now we will smash the pull back buyers. Multiple targets called along the way, and 62 must hold as theoretical last support, or test 59 and any day low possible. 56 called as all out, 54 to 55 support for EOD. PP as 65.75 ”

Day hi, 75.75, day low 55.25

Recapping some important points:

  • We use as many ideas as possible, but balance super crunching with blink
  • We relax and trust our intuition
  • PPTPAR is our mantra
  • Confluence  of a few super jurors gives us more weight to our decisions
  • Snow fences work
  • We play outside in and accept minimal risk when we are wrong
  • Gurus and obsessive pontificating are unnecessary
  • There are no guarantees, just risk and reward
  • Markets turn on a dime, most traders cannot; that’s why they lose
  • Ants think winter in summer and summer in winter
  • KISS me
  • Sing with Sting and me…”The numbers lead a dance”

I don’t mean to upset you fundamental traders…but I don’t even know what the result of the minutes are. I don’t have CNBC or Bloomberg on while trading. Why cloud my mind with all that thinking and emotional hype?

The Emini wizard system is alive and well. If you are Lost, contact us for some ideas.

MTG and other traders wishing to find out more about our program please remember to include your email address.

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