Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati



We need to explore the concept of the “snowfence” to better understand the dilemma we face with absolute values.

A reminder that sanitized versions of this post are used in the free blog. (This was posted last night in  our member’s room.)

Flexibility in thinking allows us to see all the possibilities.

Members take a peek at the XXXX and please note the value in cell H5 (1098.34).  Then note the value in the cell N7 (1093.75) which is of a higher order XXXX.

Do you see the conundrum?

This is why we suggested a “range” that catches the eyes of the big Boyz.

We will never be able to resolve this challenge.

All we can do is be aware of this “high probability area”, and anticipate the battle zone.

Cot as posted last week is instructive of their thinking.

Do you really think that a point or two makes a difference to them?

Conservative traders can wait for the higher values when we have these discrepancies.

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