Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati



Seasons of success.

As Jim Rohn says, our philosophy is more important than the economy is to our bottom line.

Attracting wealth is an art, and successful traders know this.

There is no shortcut in any business, and this endeavor is no different.

Many strategies are available, and having a range of techniques allows us to capitalize on various types of volatility in the markets.

With that being said, having a basic plan and a favorite strategy or two that is repetitive and reliable gives us immeasurable confidence.

@Futurestrader71 provided a wonderful example of a professional trading strategy that scales into and out of positions.

Fine for a well capitalized prop firm; what about the beginning trader  who only wants to trade one or two contracts?

The newbie’s season is spring, lacking the capital, but most importantly the experience to safely trade larger size.

As we become proficient being consistently profitable with a few contracts, as we accumulate both profits and savvy, we “attract” a spiral of confidence and positive results.

When we evolve to the next level, then we can add some contracts and continue doing what we are already doing but with more leverage.

In our member website we have an outstanding assortment of resources available. One link is to a terrific interview with Ryan Jones, who details a great money management formula that can perhaps allow us to increase our profits by five to ten times.

This is part of the maturing process, and it is important to be patient with ourselves. Knowing where we want to go is part of the game; patiently evolving step by step is the mark of a seasoned trader.



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