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Souper Sized Trading
Money Mangement

Money Management

In the world of the the denizens of the deep, we are surrounded by some strange creatures indeed.

Guppies and minnows like you and me get gobbled up pretty quickly.


In a few words: our small size.

Superstar trader Don Miller is a great example. He knows what he is doing, and manages great size compared to us lightweights. He overwhelms the market with contracts, scaling in and out. He will run into an outlier once in a blue moon, like his $90,000. loss in one day last year.

Before you say Holy S…omething, don’t feel too badly for him. Single handed he earned 1.6+ million net last year. He is as authentic and humble as they come, and he is one of our modern day heroes. Mine anyways.

On average he may make less than a point per contract.

Fari Hamzei is also big fish. Remember today, he was buying and averaging in at 884? We not only told our room that 884.5 was  expected resistance, but why it was. We even told the whole world via Twitter: “We never buy the high”.

Arrogant; no. Confident; yes. If we are wrong, so what, risk was a minimal one or two points.

“Double short net” screams Hamzei, “NO Joking”. Such is the posture of large players; they scale in and out, and occasionally get ripped when they can’t catch the break they need.

Minnows need to be more precise; we lack the ability to scale in to compensate for our inaccuracy.

“Seek excellence, not perfection” is out motto.

Our room can tell you that the Angels and Demons; our Secret Code… is alive and well.

How about you?

Are you a big Tuna or a minnow?

Time is running out for the Silver Bullet special, a ridiculously low $750.

This weekend I expect to have many housekeeping issues resolved, and then the only entry into our room will be at the $995 fee or higher.

Charter members of the Silver Membership will never have another fee to pay or need to worry about higher prices.

If you are ready to join us, we would love to have you as part of our team.

If it’s not for you, I understand.

“If something is that good, why give it away?” I am sure you have heard.

Our members wondered about that too, but they took the leap of faith and have been well rewarded already.

If they took the trades we suggested, they have already paid for their membership many times over, and this is just their first week.

Here for you if you need me, rooting for you even if you are not part of the team.

Be well.

My good friend Mr Hamzei, who I greatly respect and admire, sent this to me today. LOL I love the camaraderie on Twitter.

No soup for you!

Some very nice compliments from others, thanks to all, much appreciated.

Souper Sized Trading

Souper Sized Trading

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