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Stabilizing the patient
Stabilizing the patient

Stabilizing the patient

Friday’s freefall needs to be stabilized before any advance can be made.

Marginal lows were made today, and we generally got it right today with our calls.

The bigger picture we read quite well, and it was an awesome day. A few plays came through intuition, and those were out best trades.

The late to the party crowd in both directions got hurt. Our anticipated entry zones were tight and worked.

The paradox is that the patient were rewarded if they took entry outside in without hesitation.

The best odds are found at the edges, as they usually are.

When you have acquired a sizable gain by midday to the afternoon pivot, aggressive only should continue to push the limits. I know some gurus love the continuation trades and I am willing to give it a shot but ONLY after I have safely captured my profits and I will only trade small.

I have seen enough Kaiser Soze’s in my day that I am reluctant to be stubborn and keep guessing the middle battlefield.

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