Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Step by Step
The System

The System

The forgotten art of tape reading is still alive and well.

There are many tools available for us; too many in fact.

The Pareto Principle reminds us that we need to focus on the vital few, the most important ones.

“Things that matter most should never be at the mercy of things that matter least.” – Goethe

The charts have been on display, the calls have been made, The Angels and Demons posted for the world. I have avoided the ” Fibonacci lessons” , as most teach that as if that were the whole secret to trading.

The 82 test, with the “Don’t overstay” and the Angel at 85.5 that gets it’s man on a perfect Bull Trap. The 94 Demon is not negated unless a new high is made.

“Going to 900 close” a few eager chatters posted. Lots of luck with that. They were looking at the 2 minute chart and forgot the 20 and the 120. Higher time frame, more power.

The “OOPS trade” was popularized by none other than Larry Williams.  Scalers are out at the 89.5 magnet, then successive targets became 87, 85.5, and 82. Any of them could have held.

That’s step by step trading.

The 85.5 Angel is still considered intact for now.

If you are a golfer, think of this: Would you play with only one golf club? one golf ball? I have shared with you some of the most valuable information I can give, and unselfishly.

Free. Tough to beat that price.

Having 14 clubs and a few extra golf balls in your bag gives you a better chance to compete, right?

The tools I have reserved for Members are the clubs; your capital is the golf balls.

I have a number of Hedge funds following me now, and DM ‘ing me. I have to slow down the calls, as I cannot give this away indefinitely. The purpose has been to demonstrate the value of this system, for those looking for one.

Day after day, you have witnessed the turning points, laid out in advance.

When we get our 25, we are ready to go.  Step to the plate when you are ready.

Til then, I will be listening to Oldies.

My good friend Cato found a picture of me having fun recently.

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P.s. We do have fun, don’t we? We need a sense of humor to enjoy life.

Please pass my info around if I have helped you. There’s enough for everybody.

Eminiwizard: Humble student of Angels and Demons.

Step by Step

Step by Step

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