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The System

A few people have asked me for information regarding the proposed tax changes related to trading. This will significantly impact our trading results if enacted, because the tax will wipe out most small traders. Trader talk is that this has no chance of passing, but if it does, sell picks and shovels rather than go digging for gold.

The first I delved into this was at Don MIller’s site , so I am linking here to his relevant post. The tax document and Green traders response is there. Don’s blog is a great read, so I am redirecting you in hopes that you will follow this master trader’s thoughts.

They have helped me, and I am sure they will help you as well.

Today’s trading was all about understanding the dynamics of the secret code. I was on my game today, and, led by the 60 chart, understood how and where the pikers would strand the hikers. The late afternoon plunge was telegraphed by our visual cues.

Show me a better trading methodology than the Emini Wizard system and I will buy it.

Once you learn the dynamics of this system, you will never ask for “calls” from a guru again.

We are hitting new lows for the year. We could turn around any time. That being said, I will continue trading both directions as a day trader, using the elements of risk and reward that are clearly defined by our system.

I am really a humble student of the market, not a boastful “guru”.  If you saw our proprietary way of thinking, however, you would be amazed at how many “high” odds trades you would discover.

Take a HIke

Take a HIke

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