Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

The System

The System

There is only so much we can do at any given moment in time…

The members at have been focused on learning the major concepts of our system, from the simple to the complex.

It has been easier to stay focused internally, so we have not posted much on twitter the last few days. We don’t mean to be withdrawn from the friends we have developed there, but the timing right now for us is to get our traders self-sufficient.

Today at the open we suggested to be off by the half gap, looking for shorts for our aggressive traders. The 1007 we called as resistance, with an expectation that we would test lower support area today.

97, 94, 92 were all major targets for the morning.

We advised all out at our T2 of 91.5 for the profit taking bounce.

We also suggested that the 92 area was a potential double bottom, and 99 being hit led us to believe that the 02 03 area was a normal re entry zone short for conservative traders with profits. Risk one to two points maximum.

Middle traders have been killed lately, so we are not big fans of the middle fighting these days.

We had a webinar after hours today, and one of our members ran the show. Another has made some fantastic improvements to our spreadsheets.

The chemistry is amazing, and the teamwork has been nothing short of incredible.

Tired of going it alone?

We have a team of traders committed to helping each other…unselfishly, in the spirit of cooperation.

In a cut throat business lke ours, who would have thought it possible?

With all due respect, I did.



Today’s action needs to be watched closely for signs of  support  or more retracement.

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