Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

The Hidden Law of a probable outcome…
The Hidden Law of a probable outcome

The Hidden Law of a probable outcome

Those of you who know me, realize I love paradox and symmetry, among other things.

Thoughts will be random, as I am getting ready to attend Super Trader Don Miller’s cookout and am making preparations for a day or so out of town.

Before I forget, the “Join” page is now operational, but please do not complete any transactions yet. This is given so you can make a final decision. Registered Users will be honored at a discount. If you are not sure if you are registered, please email me with $750 in the subject line to be sure.

The conundrum of  “does it work?” without giving you all my secrets (more than I should have !) has been demonstrated for 6+ weeks on Twitter. I am as real as my system is, and all I can say is you will not be disappointed if you decide to accept my invitation to join.

You be the judge.

The Man in the Mirror was a King of Pop and an outstanding entertainer. He was also gentle, and promoted his vision of word peace.

“The service we give to others is the rent we pay for our space here on earth.” – Muhammed Ali, an outstanding entertainer, obviously a ferocious warrior, who is also highly spiritual and a great humanitarian.

Let’s not forget Charlie… (Not to be confused with Wrong Way Charlie).  The Pinup Queen was also a knock-out artist, and was also a courageous fighter.

I am from a past generation, and that’s why I play my Oldies. It relaxes me in a “stressful” business.

Duets catch my eyes and ears also.

The land of Illusion? of course.

My personal philosophy of trading explained here…

My philosophy of Teamwork explained here..


The calls were made real time on Twitter, and honestly that’s the best I can do.

19 resistance, 8.5 support magnet.

“Bears will try to defend 15, bulls the 07 blue line the expected closing area be well all”

The range defined by the yellow box, the expected closing, the blue line. The symmetry above and below. Minnows, and fish, and bigger fish.

“The set up and the push note the symmetry with breakouts”

Late Friday newbies “noooobies” should avoid playing. You know my rule by now: With profits, the contra trade at the 18 is acceptable when I advised FH to take his great trade off at 18. Why? Because your risk is defined. Tight one point stop is all you need.

If you are uncomfortable selling the 19, or buying 8.5 (or at least taking profits there), you shouldn’t even consider my system.

This is sequence trading, and that’s what I do.

My Dad had a great philosophy and value system that he shared with me.  His legacy was encapsulated in a simple phrase: “Let your bat do the talking.”

I am a humble student of Angels and Demons. It is not easy for me to do self-promotion.

That’s why I was appreciative of the many comments on Twitter today.

@Penn_TM  at Trading Markets (An outstanding resource, where I learned tons of the basics): “Check out @eminiwizard Twitter and website. If nothing else it has to be one of the most graphically beautiful trading sites I’ve ever seen.”

(Note: In the Member Section, each concept, theory, special play has it’s own unique “image” to help anchor the idea in your mind…)

@iOO1962: “#followfriday @HamzeiAnalytics @alphatrends @eminiwizard – the rest are noise”

@ES_Addict : “@eminiwizard Short week next week with holiday on Fri & going to PIT for Cubs/Bucs gms. Interested in your e-wiz system.More details? Thx E.”

@renatrader: “@eminiwizard nice job emini, we appreciate, have a great weekend. see ya next week at the same channel, take care. ;-)”

The Momma, and Zeek, and Cato and WallstCS, and the Infected One, Patrick and Chicken Man, Fari, Scalper, @Futures71, Carl and many others: Thank you for your support and friendship. If I forgot you, I apologize.

Real people, really appreciative, decent traders trying to make sense out of our business.

I need to say “thank you”, then I need to put my humble student hat back on, or I lose my edge the minute I think I am smarter than any of you or the market.

Peace and Love, I can still see MJ holding up his Peace sign.

He may conceal a King in his hand…

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