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Art of Trading

Art of Trading

This is a true story.

I looked at my notes, charts and spread sheets last night before going to bed, and I made out a plan.

I drew a horizontal line at 63.25 on one my charts, as a reminder of an important pivot today. I wrote down 45 as support, and 75 in bold, with +/-and 79 resistance.

You may be smarter, faster, and better than me, but one thing is for sure; you will probably not out study me.

I am a card-carrying member of the sandwhich generation (aren’t we all!) Today I was insanely distracted by my visiting 2.5 year old grandson. Bowling, golf, baseball, football, singing, reading, building blocks, throwing rocks at the beach, swinging on swings and climbing jungle gyms. All in a day’s work babysitting while Mom went to work.

 Now I could easily have paid for a babysitter and made a lot more money trading today, but  must make an observation: I love my grandson and it was worth every penny to spend time with him. I am as passionate about him as I am analyzing the market.

Tomorrow I am taking Mom to the Doctor; so you know how I feel about her.

The calls that I made today (twitter) are recorded and time stamped. Charts were also posted. This experiment has failed miserably for me, and I will be moving on. It is a solitary business, and I felt it would be a way to expose my work to a few people to study with but truthfuly, no one (sigh) has noticed.

No problem, I write my notes and blogs for myself, as I have said before. And you do remember a lesson learned from a mentor of mine, Oliver Velez, don’t you?

The results speak for themselves. Never once did I consider the short side as an opportunity until after the meeting, and as posted until after 77 was printed.

The system that I use is a blend of thoughts, and is logical as well as intuitive.

It is also derived from understanding “The Secret Code of the Illuminati”.

The mental discipline, the challenge of wits, the satisfaction of playing the game well is what drives me.

I believe in myself, in my work, and that knowledge is sufficient.

Comments and thoughts welcome as usual.

About the 875/ 850 / 825; now we shall see if this was a stretch of that range or a breakout.

We always need a little flexibility in our thinking, as well as the ability to react !



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