Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

The Williams Indicator
The Art of Trading

The Art of Trading

Larry Williams has provided important clues and insights over the years to those of us who trade Futures.

I saw him at a seminar a number of years ago; he was dynamic and charismatic describing his Wms R..

The Williams Indicator I am referring to, however, is related to the Wizard from Austin, and I am continually blown away by this man’s brilliance.

This week”s post is one of his best in my opinion. If you are busy, why not bookmark this post and come back to it with a glass of eggnog or a cup of joe when you can find one of those quiet moments to enjoy it.

Don’t forget to weave through the briar patch and find the rabbit holes. Pure Gold along the way.

You may even discover some insights into our trading methodology as you scuttle about.

As Jim Rohn would say, all of life’s experiences serve us.


In a Holiday spirit, I gave to the twitter world some ideas about how to play Angels and Demons. Kevin Haggerty is the author of that play, and well worth studying. When the Angel plants her feet, like a tree taking root, she spreads her wings. (Market Profilers, of course, will turn the card sideways.)


In case you don’t get to the rabbit holes, I will post a few of my favorites.


If you are looking for some Holiday Books may I suggest light reading like Sway , The Black Swan, The next 100 years, Game Theory, or a seasonal favorite, Snowball. Now all I need is the time to read a few of these.


The half gap play is suggested to be reliable 82% of the time. What are the odds of them not filling two days in a row? I guess the PPT is alive and well.

Small contract sizes going off today suggested the wise men left the building already with Elvis.

Intuition is our best friend usually. We used it today to guess the top of the range, and the bottom part never came. We must take what the market gives us; did you notice the infinitessemly small 5 point range during RTH?

Have you ever seen a star in the market? I see them all the time.

Then you can even see galaxies and combinations of stars.

Though they wear masks, even the Boyz who we write about for our members  in our “criminal handbook” evidently are interested in the wise men.

Separating reality from illusion is hard in our business; the Angels however, are there to guide us.

Wise traders bear gifts to their brokers and other traders, in the way of commissions and stop losses.

The Illuminati keep their secrets guarded… but occasionally we get a glimpse into their secret code.

When we enter a trade, this newborn position requires patience and gentleness, as well as courage and the ability to overcome our fear.

Did you know that Wizard means “wise man” ?


The messenger of God was explained again today in one of the charts I posted.


We recently wrote about The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, who took the last train for the coast… Beats using a mini bike I guess.


Patterns are important to our methodology.

Sometimes a trade begins by being a scalp, and ends up being a position trade, lasting for a long time.


Peace be unto you.

“Lo, I bring you tidings of great JOY“.


Do you dream the impossible dream?

I hope so, I know I sure do.


Peace be unto you and yours, whatever your beliefs.


Until we meet again, perhaps in the middle, remember the One whose arms are not too short: they reach everybody.

Thanks to Jim Rohn for that power thought.