Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Universal Law
Universal Law

Universal Law

I believe in a powerful Law of the Universe.

Simply stated: “You cannot help someone else without helping yourself.”

Let that one sink in.

The more you do to teach, help, assist, guide, support someone, the more you do the same for yourself.

I am not suggesting to create a dependent relationship, but rather a supportive environment for mutual gain.

Big Brothers, Mentors, whatever; a belief that you can make a difference in OPL ; Other People’s Lives.

Bringing our talents and gifts and sharing them openly creates more oportunity for all, not less.

In the competitive world of Financial markets, no one has a crystal ball. We do try to read the Tea leaves, and the more eyes the more vision.

Share your perspective, your insights, your ideas.

No one is right or wrong.

Time will eventually demonstrate the market pricing as it evolves.

We expect to be right and wrong.

Profit taking is the easy part of the game, we just capture them as they appear.

As a trader, the only thing of significance we need to know is having the willingness to accept being wrong, and withdraw from continuing to go down that path. That is the journey to the inferno, of which we must “abandon hope all ye who enter here”.

Review other trader’s ideas, and share them with the team.

We can pick the brains of outstanding Traders like Don Miller just by reviewing his syllabus.

Education does not come cheap in this business, and while studying with talented traders does not guarantee success, it can’t hurt either.

Keep an eye on that RST pattern we pointed out at the market low 1012. While it is not confirmed, we have moved a long way to it’s completion.

Big picture Bear market, bouncing in a Bull Market. No one knows how long or high the bounce will continue.

Russian Dolls theory is alive and well.




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