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Win Today
Win Today

Win Today

I had expected to be back in the full swing of things today, but some sudden non-market obligations derailed those plans.

And no,  not the R7 or the Burner. Beautiful day here, wish it was the reason.

Hats off to Fari Hamzei for his outstanding sigma call at 25.5 entry south, targeting the 16 area, 14 etc. He is a Master Trader and it is a pleasure to see his thinking.

If you remember the charts I had posted, you will see points of interest located on the various time frames. The 27 resistance has been apparent for days if you looked at the charts, and obviously, that 12 area was important, where the arrow was.

I felt quite certain we would test the 18 today, reasonably sure about the 15, and possibly the 12. I was not as convinced we would make it all the way back to the Angel at 08, and when I returned to the market, the 08 had already printed and the shorts were taking profits.

I leave my Angels and Demons there from prior days as they clue me in to where markets will likely retest.

Month and Q2 ended today quietly, without any fanfare.

@Futures71 made some nice posts today, and keep an eye on him also, as he is sharp. There are many who think they know… and some that do. He knows the market.

My friend Cato knows more than he cares to admit, and is also worth watching when he is around.

The opening magnet today was 13.5, and destined to pull the market back to it. It now resides at 11.5, near that 910 of significance.

There are many various pivots, all with their own relevance.

Forget the gurus, develop your own insights.

Why? It’s the only way you will have the confidence to pull the trigger when you feel a trade is worth risking your money.

Step by step, finding the clues and acting accordingly.

Joe Torre said it best: “Win Today”. Trade well one day at a time, forget the nonsense about predicting where we are going in the next few weeks. Deal with the reality of the moment, every day, and string those successes together like the Yankees used to do under Joe’s coaching.

I am a Bosox fan, but I appreciate brilliance and that’s why I am comfortable praising the market professionals I discover and for whom I have great respect.

Like I said, 2 sides to every story…still enjoyin’ one of those Summer Nights

Likely support chart today (Hindsight)

System chart (Foresight)

Win Today

Win Today

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