Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

A Monticelli Moment

Art of Trading

How is my vision?

Am I looking for perfection, or am I comfortable with some fuzzy math, “lines drawn with crayons” as Zeek likes to say.

Lacking in form. some of these crude patterns we see may have merit, but not until hindsight will we know for sure.

Do you trade a system that is well-known, tried and true, and popular?

Or are you willing to trade futures 30 years ahead of it’s time?

Wanna guess where the money is at?


Today’s trade was high-risk, relatively low-reward.

Intuition suggested to me the gap at 1177.75 would be closed, and that the fibo buyers would be chasing all day.

We used 88 as the resistance at the open.

T1 was 1174.75, and I felt that would be the low, based on the “stolen range” from overnight.


RT @50Pips: Thought of the Day #fx #forex #trading $ / family fun for the holidays


note how the market tested yesterday’s angel

RT @JayMaven: 1191-1192 area to rotate around / seems to be a few important areas today jm

@JayMaven thinking the market market wants to test that 82 85 and then we see… ty for your insghts

@JayMaven ty this is make sleeping retail chase me move with jump the creek your 92 stop

powerline to test db

@AbsolutionCL @JayMaven @31WCapital @Marketrend @50Pips thanks all for your posts and rt

[08:05] E: gap at 78 i expect to be hit

scale out ahead of it

RT @JayMaven: @eminiwizard Measured move down to 78-79 / well done :)

77.75 gap filled

RT @JayMaven: @eminiwizard 78-79 target mentioned achieved :) / great trader here guys worth following

check that double throwback line I posted last nights blog

gotta love this retest of previous low no matter how u played it

@DiogoMattoso @Hashable_Beta ok ty

today’s trade is the opposite of 11/4 left crumbs for all but the agg traders … and fibo traders will never catch this move

74.75 is t1 target today take off near 75 if reshorted the 82 previous low

bingo any low possible trail only 74.75 target achieved

RT @RenaTrader: Earlier today in our trading room we said: Market might hold 1178-76 – that was what our Diamond Setups were telling us.

RT @matrudenko: @eminiwizard Nice call on the 1174.75 / ty market felt heavy today… lunch coming so careful now

@TraderMD ty we had 88 as aggressive resistance at the open… “u just had to close eyes and short bounce if u believed in it”

RT @CarlFutia: $ES_F today’s range estimate is 1172-1189 / he usually gets us in the right neighborhood

@RenaTrader ty and i told roomies… i cant explain why easier for me to do that short side than long… just weird lol

RT @eminiplayer: morning’s post: Responsive Buyers could be active at open but I’ll be focusing on Shorting opportunities prior to 9 AM (CT)

@themosmitsos @Sidekicker_101 @RenaTrader @TraderMD @matrudenko @DiogoMattoso @JayMaven thanks all for rt and posts

@eminiplayer :) 4 min chart we found was on it wtg player

RT @eminiplayer: @eminiwizard Today’s 4-min $ES_F Chart with the EMiniPlayer S/R Zones / well done

@BundTrader i look at vwap, rarely atr but have proprietary ideas about ranges (dynamic pivots ) 88 is example

RT @Sidekicker_101: @eminiwizard buying slowed a bit? bounce for lunch then see if it stalls watching the 79.75 area for now for ideas

rth demon is 82.5 angel at 77

fomc minutes may be excuse to move market

RT @MissTrade: Pros appear done for the week, get your drink on, Ski day tomorrow @mtbachelor #inbend / agree volume lite

[15:17] E: be careful long side [15:17] E: everyone expecting run again

330 time for conservative to exit… holiday already here

RT @JayMaven: RT @eminiwizard: great trader here guys worth following // Thanks, Coach! / Happy Thanksgiving to all

RT @CGinthehouse: @eminiwizard agree on Maven / thank u …u trading or baking pies?

@zlmtb volume thin, holiday coming, accept what the market gives u and dont get caught with a position u dont want for turkey day

@zlmtb agreed just counseling members be conservative late day did not like long not going to do same thing 2 days in a row

75 test was destined after 92 held … too bad they did a lot of it overnight

Worked off this des triangle idea


Woman’s Work


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