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A River Flows

Chart Patterns

Today’s Key Idea: “There is symmetry at 1099.75, so it is a nice target.”


Now you know, and I know, that that is just a lucky call.

It’s the tweeners that make the trade, step by step.

With you by my side baby, we can make it…


Pop used to say: “Stay humble, let your bat do the talking.”

Ahh… those Red Sox…


Flow of thoughts, as posted on Twitter, with much commentary from our member area left out:

@JT707 ty for rt… charts are so listless and boring i didn’t even bother posting one this morning…

see if we can round up a foursome? @MissTrade

@tradetime99 8.5 angel demon 14.5

@MissTrade play well :)

@tradetime99 testing for support right now be patient at weekly middle

05 should get tested today, 02 possible also

@tradetime99 u cant just buy and sell an angel or demon… timing, structure are important

@tradetime99 we liked half gap and gap trade… we used 05 as theoretical supp for that 1111 target

@tradetime99 yes we had 13 scalping resistance as sequence

RT @tradetime99: @eminiwizard alot 2 learn!!!! / me too ! 05 tested :)

@tradetime99 sorry i thought i had followed u please dm me i am following u send me emaill address by dm

PP 11.5 has been good resistance and s1 at 4.25 … lunch and range trading for those who need the help of traders anonymous

@Tatt22 4.13 was the calc rainline at 4.5 so can’t over stay that area

hit nd run is best if playing lunch chop beige at 2

@ex_wirehouse thank u …

likely lunch covering bounce b4 beige…adm 9.75

targets 7.5 and 6.5

+1000 ticks said scalp short as sequence

@CJOLars @FXtradingMentor thank u … 06 angel test again

traders may go flat b4 report so trailers up to u ..

t1 is 2.5 target achieved

“05 should get tested today, 02 possible also ” @tradetime99 regression trades

RT @MissTrade: Market indifferent to beige 1098 here we come! / 2.5 first

RT @MissTrade: Ok covering half my short here 1101’s move stops down 1104 on reamainder look for 1098 for rest / it’s a beautiful thing :)

98.25 is t2 … 99.75 a favorite targ of ours :)

RT @PivotBoss: $ES_F is picking up steam to the downside, test at 1000 imminent, with potential to reach 97.25 and 95.. / ty for your targs

RT @MissTrade: @eminiwizard so sats linear math / :) and here i thought u were a rocket scientist :)

yet another angel attempt is 1.25 our pre market potential target 99.75 test and happy with that :)

@CJOLars @FXtradingMentor ty :) be well

regressing continued today

@CJOLars ty :) deeper chart target agreed with another idea

the tunnel

RT @nikkyd: @eminiwizard I think it’s all about EOM window dressing/ possible.. thinking profit taking from 1000 launch all we really know

RT @CJOLars: @eminiwizard I had expected some market down based on a pattern for AUDJPY(closely correlated to SP) / ty

RT @CJOLars: @eminiwizard ..What are the bands you are using in the charts / bought them years ago and they are similar to std dev…

@CJOLars like a simple ma +/- above and below the mid -uni

@CJOLars not squished like bollinger… constant width

@CJOLars stan moore from mentors

and this is the RTH look… i use both

@CJOLars @FXtradingMentor ty he is options expert :)

@CJOLars @FXtradingMentor thank u :) nice chatting… time for a little exercise :)


We had a wonderful guest in our room today…Winner of the “Moment of truth” test…

Best wishes and thanks for visiting…


Welcome back baby…

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