Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Bad, Bad Boyz

Money Management

Are we having fun yet?

From yesterday: “72 is important pivot support.”

The rest is history.


The jump the creek trade left many traders up a creek without a paddle.

The conservative side of me won out… scalped a little pre market, was wrong way Charlie…guessed right at support but made my fingers go the other way anyways. I thought the odds better to buy 86.75 area this morning…and it never got there.

Rabid dog day on the news, and then anticipated nasty chop.

Avoid trouble was the mantra. My preference was scalp short, get back stop out, make something without forcing it.

Mission accomplished.

We are not going to guess right all the time. Accept it, move on.


RT @sdedoo: @eminiwizard ppt at work, when everyone sleeps… / lol i went to bed thinking 92 95 test rth … i am so naive why wait

@unpektable lol

RT @sdedoo: @eminiwizard lol. 10pt ES bonus for gov. motors / those are the cars we have to pedal when gas hits $6 a gallon? :)

LWL 91.5 has been retested … welcome to options ex

@Nirav777 rofl 777 time for a diet

99.25 is T1 today

87 called as support at open … but i missed the trade :(

can go to any day high

kudos @carlfutia great target

RT @MissTrade: Nary a pullback today 1.5 hours .. up 1188 to 1198 phew 10 p ts, now what? /trend day trapped shorts scalps only ss

11:09 we are using 99.25 as T1 as resistance idea for scalp

RT @MissTrade: @eminiwizard sell zone is here though up to 1205 all day in size for swing trade / ty

RT @zeekhan0926: @50Pips @e tel me euro will sell or buy according to u / i j ust trade es… and more than enough challenge for me lol

I am guessing today was tough on most traders [12:15] E: first order of business when u are wrong… get out of trouble

E: 2nd evaluate E: 3rd join the winning team E: if already at extreme E: relax and do nothing

E: then find chop zone and try to get back your stop out E: live to fight another day

when they hit off the ladies tee at 88 … with news… u can either take gamble… or pass… options late yest another way to play

traders who wanted 62 and 63 …. (not to mention 34!) forgot that strong bounces always possible especially with gaps still above

i wish my hand and brain worked together this am 09:33] E: this is the agg buy 88

@Jediphone ty and always good to see u Jedi :)

was asked best odds short or long? / “flat” 97+/- 2 for now during lunch long is with trend.. short has better odds as lunch contra

RT @CGinthehouse: @TraderSmarts TS rocks yes he does smart guy

[08:06] E: went to bed thinking rth 92 97 poss [08:07] E: how stupid is that… lol need one of those robots for overnight

capture any loss first…. 95.75 target is hit … and admittedly ‘luck”

99.25 as resistance scalp is all

RT was asked best odds short or long? / “flat” 97+/- 2 for now during lunch long is with trend.. short has better odds as lunch contra

and not expecting much

still in that 97 +/- 2

RT @tradetime99: I am flat but odds favor squez on shorts,,panic buying 2 close shorts / ty scalp was for hamburg not surf and turf

out by 93.75 and say thank u

eod traders trail is all

92 is a home run day like today so peel out  (93.5 low hit)

@Jediphone ty and always good to see u Jedi :)


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