Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Bah Hamburg

risk and reward

Hamburg trading again.

[08:45]  E: we need action to play reaction

Tough trading this time of year when there is apathy… that’s why we don’t recommend trading right now.

Three new members joined within the past few weeks, so teaching them the system and reviewing for other members.

Here is a look at how I decide to teach my trading system.


I go to all the smart traders out there. Find out what they are doing.

I copy them… not an ounce of creativity in my body.

I then use their calls to make mine. And always after the fact, never tell my room members what I think.

Then I say to my latest three room members… how u doing? got it?

Never once identify an angel or demon…

Nor frame the market for sequence profit taking…

E: [08:00]  E: 52 agg resist

E: [08:01]  E: 54 back up

E: [08:03]  E: but it can go to any high when it makes new one

E: [08:32]  E: if market is in squeeze mode

E: [08:32]  E: thats all that we can do

E: [08:32]  E: 52 to 54 resistance zone

E: [08:33]  E: if it doesn’t work, next level back at 57 area

I certainly dont advise them that the market will be tricky this week, and suggest they use the time to learn the system…

[10:22]  E: traders today and this week will help brokers put their kids thru college

And I show up late for work every day.

[07:59]  E: lol

[07:59] GT 22: Morning

[07:59]  E: i knew u would be here

Seminars are run to convince them I know exactly where the market is going. Never a doubt.

[09:59]  E: remember the 54.25 to 55.5 is key zone as potential resist

[09:59]  E: and really… at new highs

[09:59]  E: we are always “guessing”

No probability, or psychology.

[10:16]  E: normally

[10:16]  E: breakouts

[10:16]  E: suggest  xxxx points move

[10:16]  E: because not many playing

[10:16]  E: not many stops to be hit and gunned

[10:17]  E: so = garbage chop

11 45 Pm last night finishing up my homework for today.

I am just grinch who never gives away anything.

Like the spider pattern, which we found easily in an archive to demonstrate a concept for the 55.5 target that was seen yesterday.

Yep, the original scrooge here.

[11:58] j rob6519: once in here and hearing is obvious how much work, study and passion you have put in is a comprehensive Collaboration of market movement and structure

[11:58] westlead : I wish I recorded that (seminar)

Never willing to help those who are curious to motivate them to say why is that a target? Or resistance?

Those  traders who take the risk will be rewarded with my insights, friendship, and loyalty.

And traders like George are loyal to me because he knows I will be there for him.

As  Geno says… We’re Connecticut….and that’s good enough.


Coast to Coast … winners all … congrats Huskies

santa’s elves on strike …?

RT @50Pips: @eminiwizard good morning E! / and to u as well 50 :)

i can just see some guy on vacation at home in his pajamas jumping up and down because he got 1.5 points on a short :)

RT @p357: @eminiwizard more than 1.5 and shorts and a tshirt / lol

sell zone was right so far … now the trick is that 50.75 area  (never even got there)

so hard in thin volume … but pay for 5 guys burger anyways

[09:59] E: remember the 54.25 to 55.5 is key zone as potential resist

hard to trade these tiny squeeze moves so always get paid for your risk

RT @afbkwt: @eminiwizard OK.CORRECTION IS DONE.TIME TO RALLY AGAIN.LOL / lol id 60% so any more is gift i guess .. yest hi 51.25

p 357 : @eminiwizard love the avatar… i’m going to have to really step it up for 2011

nashville cat: @eminiwizard it what if I’m in my jammies ?

westlead : RT @eminiwizard:..some guy on vacation at home in his PJs jumping up & down because he got 1.5 points on short :)// talking about me?? 😉

TS: @eminiwizard LOL you should see my business attire :)

Tradercisco : RT @eminiwizard: so hard in thin volume … but pay for 5 guys burger anyways>> If they would only give you a few extra fries…..

govtrade : @eminiwizard LOL That may have been me, 1 jump per scale pls

@govtrade @tradercisco @yeeron @nashvillecat @TraderSmarts @westlead @p357 lol all thanks for the smiles

fadertrader: @eminiwizard yup, good call. curious tho, do u only post ur correct calls AFTER the fact? u should occas post it be4 to see how it plays

@fadertrader yes i agree with u. in member room we have plan . I try to respect my members and i know it looks hokey … i am ok with that

@fadertrader if i give too much… especially ahead of time.. easy for front runners etc so I apologize for the late posts…

@fadertrader and we dont get it right all the time.. nor do we take all the trades…impossible.

so sequence traders think someone is taking profits at 54.25 area and that is edge for scalp short :)

Tatt22: @fadertrader @eminiwizard In E’s defense. He can not trade, teach & post at the same time. E’s post are not after the fact

Tatt22: @fadertrader @eminiwizard E is the most honest person I know. If he post a trade , we made the trade.

Tatt22: @eminiwizard E, I’m just tired of traders questioning your post!! I am now your MUSCLE and have your back. We all do!!

fadertrader: @Tatt22 @eminiwizard wasnt questioning E’s integrity.i think he’s standup guy.just meant posting only good calls AFTER can seem offputting

@Tatt22 Thanks George… no offense taken here … believe me I understand. West called the divergence that’s what teamwork all about.

@smilinghiker thanks hiker :)

@fadertrader no worries fader. i take no offense. i try to teach…that’s all. help newbies learn, not to do anything more.


No more lives torn apart…

and wars would never start…

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