Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati




We are all prone to Blindspots.

I know I have them, still trying to discover as many of them as I can.


Although we like to think of ourselves as unique, we probably aren’t. We make the same mistakes, drink the koolade that is put in front of us, and surrender our thoughts to the gurus so that we don’ have to think for ourseleves.

What is the legacy you would like to leave?  What was born in you that needs to be given wings?

One of mine is helping traders learn how to become independent of me and other gurus. To do that, I need to capture my thoughts, just like profits in the market, before they are gone.

The Art of War was written before the Internet age gave us the freedom to write a dynamic book.

Most of us call them blogs these days.

I used to read 50 + books a year; but I don’t read as many books these days. Too busy reading and writing online.

One of my daughters says only 10% of the population in the US reads books, so I guess that books are an endangered species, just like newspapers.


Making Cash online step by step, chasing or fading,

just don’t get caught insider trading.


When you sit in moments of silence, contemplating your life…

who is with you?

Who will pull the trigger on double tops…

that makes the difference between life and death

of our thoughts?

of our actions?

of our choices?

of our results?

who will become an ally?…

through thick and thin

until your 15 minutes of fleeting fame comes in an instant…

as if without any effort or hard work is required to achieve anything great.


Dueling Banjos continue to duel

Until no one is sure who is the fool.


Speaking of song and dance routines… those other orbs …what about the other Freddie M’s ?

What happens if they get a flat tire?


Who is so naive as if to think that territory can be conquored with only instinct?

or, equally as naive… with only the facts?


Who among us has blindspots so small

or as  large as pearls

that we need not worry about them?


The scarecrow was smart before he got his diploma.  So are you. – Dink Weber


As for me… I am just a humble student… of Angels and Demons…

of people

of markets

of myself.

On a journey of my own path

Trying to teach other traders… I feel like Robert Palmer might feel; dancing to architecture… teaching others what we see;  is indeed a difficult process.  It takes time to integrate this into our being.

I am happy to have found you and some fellow travellers along the way…

and invite you to hang around for another day.


Back inside the comfort zone for now we should go…

lest we miss our favorite show.

There’s only one problem with that, I know…

With that philosophy it’s hard to grow.


In the sunset years of our existence…

will we discover support

or resistance?

What will have been the pivotal point

that in hindsight…

He shall us anoint?


A single blindspot,

a single lapse of judgment in our thinking

Will it prove to be our own undoing?


Bye for now til we meet again

on the battlefield of life…

of friend and foe

…where the timid dare not go…

to earn our daily dough.


“What do we do with our substance to help others ?” – Jim Rohn


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