Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Borrowed Time
all we are saying

all we are saying

“Life is what happens to us as we’re making all our plans.” – John Lennon

“Happy Valentine’s Day” to all

A Medleyof hits for my wife

“What do we do with what we’ve got?”


“Why not?”

Beginnings and Endings

Imagine what would happen if I could put time in a bottle.


Swearing at my montior

Dualism, Paradox, and illusion are part of life to be accepted and embraced.

Step by Step

All we need is love

Conquering our fears

Friends not yet discovered, and the script of our legacy not yet finished.

Is it my imagination or has the candle formation not quite played out either?

Up on the roof

It’s all about the ants.


Be a lover, not a fighter.

Doo Wo P

Sorry guys, I told you this was for my wife. I gave you football last night…


These are trying times, and we welcome our newest member Jedi to our team. We can only grow stronger as each member brings and shares their talents and gifts .

Thank you for joining us.

Ps: A question worth ponedering: In Judy’s song, what would have happened in the music world if Babs denied her own gifts?