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The System

The New Year’s Ball will be dropping in about 24 hours… sooner in parts of the world…

[08:02] E: 57 as demon
[08:02] E: 54.25 as angel

[08:42] GT 22: Your bias today E?
[08:42] GT 22: None?
[08:44] E: my bias is still south
[08:44] E: based on yearly high
[08:45] E: 55 xxxx
[08:45] GT 22: FYI: The greatest day ever is Jan 1. My birthday!!
[08:45] E: and xxxx back at the  49.5
[08:45] E: no strong bias
[08:45] E: but feel we are in need of a pb
[08:46] E: problem has been not wanting to get trapped short
[08:46] E: as they have been manipulating squeeze
[08:46] E: but i dont see big players stepping to the plate to put on positions now
[08:47] E: i am thinking the battle is for closing +/- 1250 for the year

[08:51] E: 52 as key support for now
[08:56] E: why do u think i said 52 key support for now?
[08:59] GT 22: 1252.81 is xxx
[09:01] E: yes any other reasons?
[09:01] GT 22: 1251.88 is on FF
[09:01] E: :)
[09:02] E: any other?
[09:02] E: the more u can see “ideas
[09:02] E: the easier it is to anticipate
[09:02] E: it doe not mean they have to work
[09:02] E: but we want to see what other traders see
[09:03] E: whether fibo, mm, market profile
[09:03] E: etc
[09:03] E: what is the xxx?
[09:04] SK 442: 52
[09:05] GT 22: 1252 missed that one
[09:05] GT 22: Most important as well
[09:45] E: on news spikes
[09:46] E: assuming u are flat
[09:46] E: u always have 3 options
[09:46] E: short the spike
[09:46] E: or buy it if it spiked low
[09:46] E: buy pb
[09:46] E: or 3 do nothing

[09:47] E: that assumes u are flat for news
[09:47] E: then can react
[09:47] E: if u are gambler
[09:47] E: in a position
[09:47] E: and get trade in your favor
[09:47] E: capture gifts is my motto
[09:48] E: if u gamble and wrong
[09:48] E: accept the loss is my suggestion
[09:48] E: dont make it worse
[09:49] E: [09:33] E: if we are in xxx
[09:50] E: [09:33] E: then 58 yest high as resist
[09:50] E: [09:33] E: b4 the 62
[09:58] E: my suggestion is hit and run
[09:58] E: if u are short
[09:58] E: capture xx
[09:58] E: 55.5
[09:59] E: trailer is all u can do
[09:59] E: for juice
[09:59] E: 54.25 the xx
[09:59] E: range trading
[10:01] E: i want to review a few of jerry’s posts from yest
[10:02] Nirav 777: ES_F Pending Home Sales 3.5% better than forecast: 1.8%
[10:03] E: 53.13 is s1
[10:04] E: if short say yeehaa
[10:11] GT 22: Looking for 52?
[10:11] GT 22: xxx
[10:11] E: we went over this earlier
[10:11] E: 52 as xxx etc
[10:12] E: so potential targ
[10:12] E: ff 51.88
[10:13] E: xxx
[10:13] E: [08:42] GT 22: Your bias today E?
[10:13] E: [08:44] E: my bias is still south
[10:13] E: [08:44] E: based on yearly high
[10:14] E: [08:45] E: xxxxx
[10:14] E: [08:45] E: no strong bias
[10:14] E: [08:45] E: but feel we are in need of a pb
[10:16] E: [08:56] E: why do u think i said 52 key support for now?
[10:20] E: 52 was a “support target”
[10:22] Nirav 777: yyyehhha…
[10:22] Nirav 777: 1.3314
[10:22] E: timing end of hour
[10:23] E: if your belief was short bounces
[10:23] E: then u should capture partial profits 55.5 54.5 then trailer for 52 test

[10:38] E: xxx  here 54.5
[10:38] Nirav 777: he said moment, not movement..
[10:38] E: the xxx of rpg
[10:38] E: lol
[10:38] j rob: yeah..but i am sick as a i am only listening and will print chats out later to i can hear you but not very interactive..
[10:38] E: ok
[10:38] E: relax
[10:39] E: go feel better
[10:39] j rob: caught a
[10:39] E: rpg trade
[10:39] E: goes high
[10:39] E: swings thru low to new low
[10:39] E: then back to middle
[10:39] E: catches the early shorts
[10:40] E: then the pb buyers
[10:40] j rob: can u trace it with your mouse on the chart..
[10:40] E: then sometimes the late shorts

[11:09] E: xx grail on the 5 rth
[11:09] E: is in play

[11:14] E: we looked at that premarket
[11:14] E: and was reason we said keep eye 52
[11:14] Nirav 777: also the xx level from the o/n session was 52ish.
[11:15] E: if u review the notes
[11:15] E: there was a number of ideas all valid
[11:15] E: for test 52
[11:15] E: then 52 to 50 has this 2 point risk idea
[11:16] E: for Boyz to protect the 50 for year end
[11:16] E: can always swing below it
[11:54] E: bingo
[11:54] E: 51.88


The afternoon was spent helping a new member get introduced to our system.

[13:24]  E: [13:23] Nirav 777: traders take profit when they present themselves

[13:39] x : was looking at the spreadsheets last week and trying to figure out inputs and how to use them.  is the forum on the site the best place to figure this out?

[13:40]  E: right here  with me demo  easier


RT @SellPuts: go home / lol i am home

[15:29]  E: anyone in it better take the 55

[15:31]  E: should be target 56

[15:43]  E: when u get near a target

[15:44]  E: don’t be the last to leave

[15:44]  E: 55.75 hit


news coming out pmi 945 yesterday’s gap closed; today’s half gap closed

RT @SellPuts: go home / lol i am home

@SellPuts just hanging out with room members and reviewing ideas … 57 demon intact and still resistance

have a safe and happy new year all if u heading out early this week

interesting site for those who haven’t found this yet

@Marketrend thanks Carlos … and HNY to you … :)

[08:02] E: 57 as demon [08:42] xx: Your bias today E? [08:44] E: my bias is still south [08:51] E: 52 as key support for now

still tight ranges so not much u can do if playing [08:47] E: i am thinking the battle is for closing +/- 1250 for the year

@smilinghiker @ProlongWealth @Marketrend @SellPuts @DanielHusseyJr thanks all for rt and comments

the silver bullet is my favorite

D Hussey:  @Marketrend @eminiwizard Sugare led the way in NOV… wonder if this -10% is a sign…

@DanielHusseyJr interesting observation … profit taking all we know

50 : @eminiwizard to borrow from GnR lyrics > *Loaded like a freight train, Flyin’ like an aeroplane * the silver bullet LOL

@50Pips rofl thanks 50 HNY to u :) hope u are recharging batteries this week


Speaking of a silver bullet…

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