Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

FlexibiliT E and Gen E us

eeehh, what's up doc?

Be One.


Infinite potential lies within each of us; how much of it will we use?


Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you. -Dr. Seuss


There are many who have demonstrated their significant intellect, but a few come to mind.

Who are your favorites?

Champ EE on of Broken Angels

Walt DisnEE

A word nerd

No Hat Man Ghand EE

Ray Charles

Leonardo daVincEE



All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns. –Bruce Lee

Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system. –Bruce Lee

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. – Bruce Lee

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind. – Bruce Lee



Exact LEE Bruce ; softly spoken but well said


Premarket “I think we test 72 today, if it breaks, we can test the 67.25 low from 10/21″. Use the 72 as support for the half gap at the open (78.75) and then try to reverse for the 72 test.

“Late shorts will get caught, then stopped out, leaving them behind.”

Don’t overstay the 67 to 72, play hit and run is best.

First time back 74 resistance.. as the day goes on it will become a target to run the stops.

In momo reversal, no stop is safe, but try the 82 resistance and entry 79 to 80.5 if you want to short. Longs should not expect for more than the 77 78. Be conservative.


@darjohn25 there are traders on twitter who consistently demonstrate that random walk theory, no edge against computers is nonsense

morning plan test 72 at open and use as support for the half gap 78.75; reverse using 79 .25 as resistance to test 76; 75.5, 74 (yest low)

short bounces my preference

target 72 hit and trailer is all

RT @eminiplayer: Focus was only on Short side this morning — plan paying off well / wtg player

previous supp as resist for 69, 67 tests poss

and need to break 71 so scalp something

this trade is only for agg traders with profits

T @HamzeiAnalytics: 72 is a tough area if i am reading the TopChefs charts correctly / normally tough to crack first time imho

dont get pushed into taking agg trades if conservative for fear of “missing”

scale out 71 best cuz longs want to defend 72.. hit and run best

on bounces try reshort one more time

bonus territory just ahead

67.5 is t1 and prior supp area

target achieved at 69

trend traders looking for the 67 test

@nikkyd 67 to 69 best target range for today more is good fortune .. 66.25 poss targ step by step

@nikkyd that 67.25 low on 10/21 is the visual support target

lunch profit taking bounce high is the key and expect consolidation for awhile

RT @Marketrend: #SPX out longs from 1176 + 3 pts >> flat now / nice trade

RT @MissTrade: Pimco’s Bill Gross: QE2 is a Ponzi Scheme / good one matt

btetter take something right here 68 more is gravy

and shorting bounces been the plan til it stops working

RT @jsfalvo: $ES_ 1167.25 is 10.21 low

RT @eminiplayer: Low of Day may be in. Responsive Buyers likely to be aggressive …Potential to test 73-74 into Close / great post

we are assuming any shorts are scalps and this still lunch bounce

@TWSS79 market trying to defend 67 boounce hi is the key

@TWSS79 thinking this is the catch late shorts /trap late longs bounce …

Note: incorrect…if trap late longs, then 79 should not have been violated.


Enter the Dragon

need the one inch punch on re entry safer above 74

“Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system.” – Bruce Lee

“Thanks all”

demon is 75 rth and angel 69.75

let it come to u trade done and long scalpers out by 77 more is up to u

RT @misstrademember: no fluidity in this market now whatsoever / factor in the globex range will help

market has found support so scalps are all if u re enter

RT @eminiplayer: Low of Day may be in. Responsive Buyers likely to be aggressive on any subsequent push down from here. / awesome call

68.25 then 2 tic lower low is db and needs to be recognized as trick the Boyz use :)

@nikkyd profit taking all we know we had 77 as resistance target ; scalp only target 74 test again b4 72 and wont be easy

accept stop outs and never ruin a good day ! risk small if still playing; no profits no trade now

73.75 is must take 1/2 cuz may not get any more

RT @YFLtrading: @eminiwizard it’s always the same never short/buy a breakout / agree better to buy/sell the pb ty

when the momentum reverses let it exhaust itself and find the natural resistance.. if the timing not right…leave it be

@Shag007 75 rth with the 79 high

it is the ppt game face wait til a bit later market trying to squeeze shorts

natural target is 78

and can squeeze any high last 15 mins if breaks the dt

we told our shorts stand aside when 72 could not be hit

try 82 resist if want to play eod

we advised conserv traders who wanted to short to wait for eod and use 82 stop try the 79 dt to 80.5 area… but dont expect much

RT @nikkyd: @eminiwizard It’s a habit!!! / lol one of our traders said ground hog day

energy dissipates at 80.5 for profit taking :) 68 support found

MT: really help folllow the best traders. @eminiwizard @FuturesTrader71 #FT71 Double ROFL

@Marketrend thank u :)


@nikkyd hardest part is sensing the shift in momo.. 67.25 visible support , other traders see it too.. “not just a number” or indicator

RT @zlmtb: $es_f RT: @eminiwizard 68.25 then 2 tic lower low is db and needs to be recognized as trick the Boyz use :) / thank u for rt



  • eminiwizard (Author) said:

    [08:09] E: if 72 gets tested, then door open to 67 etc

    [08:18] E: hit bounces today

    [08:24] E: step by step

    [08:25] E: need to break yest low before 72 71 67 etc

    [08:29] xxxx: why 72 as support?

    [08:56] E: 79 as resistance

    [09:18] E: this is possible make shorts chase

    [09:18] E: then trap

    [09:21] E: 72 support til broken

    [09:30] E: 78.75 half gap

    [09:30] E: as potential resist

    [09:31] E: o ye of little faith

    [09:51] E: chasers

    [09:51] E: afraid of missing

    [09:51] E: caught short at 74

    [11:01] E: bingo

    [11:03] E: yeehaa

    [11:03] westlead : Need to thank you and 777 again for all the help, guidance and insight. Zeek as well. We are all so very lucky to have such a strong group of sharp individuals

    [11:03] Vytis K: Agree !!!!

    [11:37] E: lunch profit taking i think

    [11:37] E: primary trade done

    [11:37] E: cant get grEEdy

    [11:51] E: and xxx projects t1 at 68.88

    [11:52] E: so power zone 67 69

    [11:55] E: expect it to go higher and catch re entry shorts

    this is a gift for you taking the time to read this

    [13:27] E: i am thinking round numbers

    [13:28] E: xx/xx

    [13:28] E: 80 middle

    [13:29] E: this is the 2 tic db

    [13:29] E: catch late shorts

    [14:07] E: and the db a thing of beauty

    [14:07] TC 89: good call

    [14:07] E: ty

    [14:07] E: need to be flexible

    [14:56] E: conservative traders use the 82 stop


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