Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Heeere’s John EE and Dualit EE

Heeere's John E

Where have we gone wrong?

I am remembering my childhood Johnny’s.



John E boy


Maestro, Cash, JFK, Wooden, Imagine Peace, Wayne.



A disturbing trend is our loss of innocence, if we ever had it.


There are scary forces out there; the battle between Black and White, Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, Beauty and Ugliness, Hope and Despair, Love and Hate.

Bullish and Bearish.

The duality of the infinite choices in life will remain for us to acknowledge and make our selections.

No guru, educator, Clergy, or other person can do it for us; we alone are responsible.


This is not to say that there were no problems in the old days; they just seemed more distant, more removed from our perception of reality.


Plan today was not get caught near 74 to 75 area. The Boyz have been skillful at trapping shorts… and although it turned out to be a dull day, we expected the range and traded accordingly.

Key ideas as posted:

hackin’ away

we had daily and weekly bd so looking for test 76

news by 8.55 so conservative traders will be taking $ ahead of it

premarket target achieved 76 hit

our primary target pre market was 75.75 so scale outs at 76.5 to 76 great symmetry

first 15 mins to catch early longs… then shorts be careful 72 as key support

half gap targ 79.75 take profits before it advised

81.75 target achieved

83.5 is demon from overnight at gap area

first pass good enough

beautiful trap they put on at 74

and looks like low may be in

angel is 77.5

ib set up so scalping if still playing and high odds trades are done

+1000 ticks good signal on that pop

heeeere’s john E

RT @eminiplayer: How’s everyone doing today? / still hackin

@Tradercm : While we rotate, an alternative look at The Shining (loops) @eminiwizard

@Brettonwoodsll @eminiwizard carving Jack

gap closed … good day for golf

our target is 78, 77.5 is the angel

RT @MissTrade: flatline AD on the ES guess we have to wait for month end and elections to be over , kiing anyone? / sticks put away already?

advised conservative traders better wrap it up by 81 .. 79 is gift

@eminiplayer thank u player … coming from u that means a lot :)


And remember, if you are going to fight, dont bring along a knife to a gunfight.