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Infinite E

Chart Patterns

Back in the eight  EE’s I was first introduced to Fractal Geom E TREE  by a friend. He brought me a vid E o tape of  “The colors of infinity”. I found it fascinating, and must admit, I still don’t know how to work that VCR.

TechnologE kEEps moving so fast, u no?


Ben E (not to be confused with BbbeennnE ) was a visionarE. He coded his talents and scoffed at naysayers.

If there is a lesson to be learned, that’s one of them.

When confronted with our own mortalitEE, we need to make choices.

What is our Leg a cEE?

I would like to think that my own work will survive me.

That’s one of the reasons why I write blogs.

My hope is that some of the students who are learning the system will find some small value or meaning in it, and take up the cause and pass it on.

Controlling our own destin EE is not EZ.

But we do it for ourselves, or someone else will.

That to me is what self-responsibiltEE is all about.

Have you noticed that you give power to whatever you direct your focus?

There is so much information that bombards us daily, that we need to filter it out and select what is important.

“Noise”. The need to study word for word everything CNBC says. What seventeen other traders say. Confirming, analyzing, studying, worrying. What the profilers say, what fibo traders say, the latest news bulletin.

Paralysis by analysis, ad nausEEum, to infinite E.


Trees don’t grow to the sky, but they can try.


First thing this morning my suggestion to traders in our room : 68 support, 82 as key resistance. Gap play and half gap available, and support tested by the Bulls and held.

The ridiculous pace of today’s trading gave opportunities for both directions, but I sensed a squeeze type trade developing on low volume, ahead of earnings news.

Every hour was positive today until the last one.

After hours we felt the Kiss trade was for testing 75, 73.5 and 72.


uninspiring volume.. squeeze type move at lunch

bulls defended low end of Fridays first hr, bears need to defend the high end now

@chewtonic intraday hitters chewy lol lack of volume just hit and run trades if playing imho

R1 82.75 and the t2 at 84.25 …. getting late so be nimble if playing now… pikers can squeeze to those targets

@traderCRM ty 75 support, then the 78 bo i think

that little lunch db at 75 key

82 was our potential targ… any more is good luck… we have used 82 resist for a few days

@traderCRM ty and Jaws is a good one !

volume spike on that 82 high so eod no sense chasing

78.5 targ eod is hit, we advised stay flat by close so profit taking expected


RT @eminiplayer: RT @SBATrader: test of 1181-82? /// Above 78.25, could test 80-81 with potential for shut off in the 81-83 area / :) wtg

75 test and trail only

73.5 is the mid so anything more is good fortune

Boyz are funny… low volume squeeze was clue


RT @enoehtoen: tweeted the magnet earlier today. 117.31 /yes but they stopped out uncommitted shorts first

break the 70 and 67 may get tested

one bad apple spoils the barrel i guess

RT @MissTrade: AAPL 301 tha’ts gott a hurt if you were chasing that oink flying today / lol

ok later all hope u had a good one




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