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Markets have a way of finding our weak spot, don’t they?


Why do you want to buy 90 when you didn’t like 75 on Friday?

Makes no sense to me… but I know it is the fashionable thing to do… buy dips.


Premarket: If you close your eyes and buy the 84 support, your risk is probably two points; I am guessing that 82 is early support. Best short is the double top area, and use 1196 as resistance.

I think we get sideways chop; after a vertical rise it is normal.

Turtle soup was delicious today.

Shorts should come out after 2:30 if 82 intact; bounce to test 88 likely.

One last short…risk one point try 88 and see if we can get the 82 test. Take all but trailer by 85.5, 84.

Go home flat is best.


target short has been 86.25 and 85 scalping only

jump the creak trade makes me scream

check out jeff’s new market wire

this tests LW bo

RT @traderturkey: @eminiwizard good scream or bad scream? / today will challenge most traders at open because it is middle

RT @misstrademember: Waiting for 30 minute animal spirits to see range / nice post 91 is demon overnight

96 as resistance scalping short

84 support still

dbl toppers scalping for a few points

take something by 89 and hi and run advised

@traderturkey :) either had to buy pb or fade dt as higher odds trades

smart agg traders did both

@traderturkey and third choice was matt’s No trade … a viable option for conservative traders

vertical moves find new territory fast then often go sideways :(

hit and run has been advised

don’t u just want to scream? 6 points range friday rth and 12.5 overnight = jump the creek and the Boyz way of ‘git er done

@traderCRM it sure did … today is shaping up to be no better

u wont buy it at 75 friday but u love it at 90

dbl toppers target hit 87 to 86 any more is luck … and let’s enjoy turtle soup

84 half gap for trailer

456 trade done

big boyz playground at 85 right?

RT @GentleTrader: If short, hard scale out at 1185 / smart

@GentleTrader thank u :)

target 84 is hit and say yeehaa HOD as resistance for the gap/ 82 area

84 support til broken so scale out re enter up to u

turtle soup delicious today

hit and run was advised for today … high odds trade done… scalping if u are playing the middle… need freddy’s surgical fingers lol

RT @traderturkey: @eminiwizard good scream or bad scream? / trick or treat scream

when its quiet on twitter…nobody screaming… u can tell it was tough morning

@salsamantrader @TWSS79 agree …  (patience)

bingo 82 better take off most and trailer is all

89.75 demon resistance 84 support hit and 81 angel at gap area key for now… shorts advised to be nimble

@traderCRM rofl (long pizza) raise u one cannoli

RT @eminiplayer: 82.50 is LVN and 50% extension of 1st hour range $ES_F / nice post ty

RT @eminiplayer: 82.50 is LVN and 50% extension of 1st hour range $ES_F / nice post ty

RT @jamesk_69: Commented on The Liquidity Illusion / / look what the cat dragged in lol … hi JK

“bankers sell u an umbrella and then want it back when it starts to rain” … as mgte dedutcion goes… so goes the economy

“bankers sell u an umbrella and then want it back when it starts to rain” … as mgte dedutcion goes… so goes the economy

RT @johnwelshtrades: …without financials. Market has run 100+ S&P points without them, imagine if they participated $ / exactly = PPT

@jamesk_69 :) when pigs… oops wrong holiday… turkeys fly.. sell it watch your dime in play

sliced and diced please … just the way I like it

RT @traderCRM: Rain pours here in NC into this dull close. / “sideways” …see if the boyz use mriacle gro …

“shorts should come out on little squeeze if 82 intact ” for 88 test :)

RT @traderCRM: RT @salmontrader71: @traderCRM Doesn’t seem dull to me. << Next moment later :) / lol curt gowdy trick

out by 85.5 and trailer is all for the 82 test

if want its getting late just capture and go home… best idea

yeehaa at gap and thank u very much

80.75 is the angel key being tested PP 79 today

a great trader i follow often says: “sell it to them when they all want it”

@acole07 thanks for the rt .. works the opposite way too


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