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Setting Sails

Chart Patterns

I’m back.

Retracing my steps from departure a week ago, I find I have come back more than half way; in truth I am back home, with a few noticeable changes.

First my wallet is lighter.
Second, time has elapsed, and I am a week older.

The time with family, lazily sunning myself at the beach, time spent swimming in the surf, cooking at the beach and boogie boards with grand children; already pleasant but distant memories.


Unpacking and getting back to normal takes a day of transition.

So too with the markets, I find the easiest way to ease back into the rhythm is notice the broader picture.

A few charts worth noting, and all lines are remaining prior to departure August 21.

Friday’s intra day chart I added the yellow box.

Member’s have access to these additional notated spreadsheets or charts.



Model 50 FORD (Fix or Repair Daily)

GCF involves a four letter word called math




Summer is waning, and volume should be light this next week as we near Labor Day. September is rapidly approaching; I am keeping an open mind, and rather than laugh with Carl or worry with Bob or Tony, I am going to enjoy setting my sails to whatever breeze is blowing…

…Let’s see…life jacket, supply of water, check the maps…

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