Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Singing with the Angels

Risk and Reward

Reasonable range to operate today, with a few quick fakes thrown in to trap both sides.


Evidently I was going too fast for one young man, so I will slow down and put my tweets into sequence.

Flexibility in thinking is key. I verbally make the play by play in our chat room, then when things slow down type a few things for our archives for the team to review what I was seeing when they have time.

  • RT @50Pips: If you trade futures #FF @HamzeiAnalytics @FuturesTrader71 @eminiwizard / as always, greatly appreciated :)
  • RT @traderCRM: RT @eminiwizard how about the elegance of 88?..get it? << 1077 would agree :) / yes … amazing wtg :)
  • tunnel truth
  • gap done thank u git er done early summer friday 93.25 as demon 86.5 is target met
  • trapped a few overanxious longs… make sure late shorts that u dont over stay … Boyz have been trapping to make it move
  • “above 93.75 and bulls are winning; below it and Bears are winning” test 85 84 likely
  • target second pass is the 86.5 beyond is gravy
  • 92 agg ressitacne for that second short
  • and summer friday so git er done early
  • 82.5 is todays PP for us
  • trail is all in this area for the potential 83 82 test
  • @JayMaven :) Big Boyz battle ground
  • 82 is likely key support… we had 83.75 ahead of it for natural support
  • Best short was pre market to test support scalps assumed in chop area ; trading is about taking best edge where u can risk 2 pts not 10
  • note the daily chart death cross idea… thats why that 84 area key imho :)
  • RT @TraderSmarts: @eminiwizard Well said E / thank u T :)
  • prem arket demon 93.25 86.5 is the angel
  • testing the 91 IB scalping is all we can count on
  • RT @HamzeiAnalytics: 93 traget met –we are exiting when smart traders are exiting…a good key for sequence traders to see ebb and flow
  • all about risk and reward… at 84 2 pts risk to go test 87.25 89 92 93.25 :)
  • summer friday chop suey maybe for lunch today 88 test coming
  • RT @tradetime99: @eminiwizard do u have a good risk.reward on nq /i dont.. really focused on es .. we just like the edges so can risk small
  • toaday is take what u can.. and volume already diminishing so dont fight range machine especially lunch
  • MATD has had one push pre market and one rth.. so key is defend 85 and test onh and the middle is for guessers
  • back to the guessers so if u didnt react too late :)
  • RT @tradetime99: @eminiwizard how do u detemine the edges / will respond in a bit 87.5 to 86.5 key targets
  • RT @tradetime99: we are at top edge we scalpe short ??? / the 96.25 ag stop challenged… 98 is normal ahead of the 99 previous high
  • RT @tradetime99: 87.5 to 86.5 key targets were hit and held :) do the math
  • RT @tradetime99: @eminiwizard thank u / uw think like a criminal they defend 85 and catch overanxious shorts… then squeeze
  • and this is stop run
  • market has done a beautiful job of picking up passengers at the bus stop 85… lunch traders on the route #15
  • RT @tradetime99: @eminiwizard have 2 think like a crook / lol exactly why lunch manipulation? cuz easier for them angel 86.5 held
  • RT @HamzeiAnalytics: shorts algos sausage makers got finally toasted / agree nice post
  • RT @MissTrade: Why scalp when you can MAKE MORE and TRADE LESS? / cuz its raining here no golf and can play both sides today
  • closed projector to take id snapshot and share what we are seeing
  • tunnel 1102 is likely resist b4 the next level
  • big pic
  • trend is up pb bought today and psychology battle now 1100 +/-
  • 3 pm late friday all gamblers to the casino please… prudent go home and count your chips :)
  • RT @TraderSmarts: @eminiwizard LOL lead the way to the high roller table :) / :) must @eminiplayer… he has the fast cars…
  • previous resistance is the support for now scalp only
  • the 1103.75 is target T2 today but lower odds … dont chase it
  • RT @Golfing_Nut: The only sure way to find a drive sliced deep into the woods is to hit a provisional ball 260 yards down the middle.
  • 30 minute hitters in charge
  • last 2 hr range is the key and sidelines for newbies
  • shorts dont overstay 95.5
  • trail is all

Don’t forget this one:

  • RT @thupkt: @eminiwizard for their sake I hope no newbs are following u, in 2 deep if so / ok

(LOL, not sure what he meant but when I am in the flow I don’t waste time worrying about it.)

  • our resit 02 targ 94 92 poss
  • demon 98.5 in control
  • say thank u to the Boyz for the flush 94 test a thing of beauty
  • flat for the finish done for day let them fight… 1093.75 support tested from above 1 x
  • RT @tradetime99: @eminiwizard got ya :)
  • freddy rockin
  • great oppty to play both sides today… predictable
  • have a nice weekend all :) thanks for posts
  • “trapping shorts has been their m.o. for advancing ” :)
  • aqueduct tunnel thru time
  • RT @HamzeiAnalytics: listening to Here Come Those Tears Again by Jackson Browne on @Grooveshark: #nowplaying / lol  (he has great sense of humor, and very savvy)
  • party time wrapping up with the Angels–DcvD8


Deciphering a foreign language?

Maybe, but to me, sequence trading.


We like to consider trading the 80% in the middle and leave the chump change at the edges for the purists, so that we are not crying with the Angels.


It’s summer time, time to relax a bit.

Probably lighten up on the tweets, as they are meant to share a bit of our ideas with others who want to see our style of trading.

Anyone who takes my  “ideas” and trades by them do so at your own risk.

Knowing where the “expected” edges are is an art form, and once broken, new levels are sought.

“Edges” continue to move, and are subject to change without notice. Why? because they are fair game as targets once established.

Speaking of fair game, why not play some raquetball ?


Courtesy of 50 Pips, an excellent read . I like trend lines, I like moving averages, and I like math and horizontal “boxes” inside a tunnel with no other lines to balance out my thinking.


A special thanks to @traderCRM for his kind Tweet: #FF Best of the best, true professionals. @eminiplayer @FuturesTrader71 @eminiwizard @HamzeiAnalytics $ES_F

I posted a thanks but somehow it got lost in Tweet world ether. I really appreciate being put in the category of those truly fine professionals…I respect all of them.


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