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Speed Traps
Speed Traps

Speed Traps

Gotta love those speed traps.

Respect for the law is important, at least for me anyways.

I had been warned by a friend to be careful and slow down near Ocala on my way to cold weather.

Signs posted along the highway in big bold print, I said to my wife: “They either think we are really stupid or really smart.”

I figured they meant we were dumb if we didn’t take their advice, and smart if we did.

That kind of thinking probably qualifies me for a government job.


Angel called at 28.25 this morning, and sluggish plodding along towards the 1135, knocking out several demons along the way in a narrow range.

We had a small target at 1134.75, and a larger one at 1135.

If you have read this post the past few weeks, you probably knew that.

@Carl Futia has posted his 1140 before, and “Thank You Carl” for your great bias.

Risk reward changes as we approach these major targets. They are valid, but we cannot linger.

That’s why we had a hit and run attack again today; our thought was that the 32 to 37 zone may be an area of profit taking, just like the town of Lawtey.

We read it as a breakout hourly, daily, weekly, and yearly; but we still felt that caution was advised.

Higher targets are possible; @innovinance suggested an $SPX target of 1160; support at 1115.

Entirely possible. No one knows where this year’s top will be.

We keep trying to find the edge for taking our profits out of the day’s range.

We also try to read the signs and billboards when speed limits are posted.


Instead of reading the tape tomorrow, I am hoping for a little warmer weather to read some greens.

Time to swing a few on the golf course rather than confining it just to the market.

Love the beach; just too cold right now.