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Risk and Reward

I was more than an “avid” golfer years ago. Nowadays I can enjoy an outing with friends, but my level of play is significantly diminished. Part of that is the aging process, but more importantly, a lack of practice and playing.

Choices were made years ago to let the game suffer, while I spent more time with my wife and children.

I hit some great shots today that many golfers would love to have hit, but still scored horribly.

Just too inconsistent. We have to put it all together if we are going to play well.


Trading is the same way. We can’t be good at entries, lousy at exits. We can’t ignore course management any more than we can ignore money management.

The greatest flaw of all, of course, is risk management. If we compound our problems by taking on excessive risk, by allowing one bad shot to lead to another and another, that round of golf  is history.

So is our trading account.


The Team did great today. Zeek led the charge, and made some terrific calls. The plan was in place, and then the members reacted to the market’s zigs and zags.

Our premise about the 85.5 battle zone proved to be correct, as that was a magnet today.

Today was the official start of the summer season, and we expected the Boyz to be off to the Hamptons early. Lack of volume seemed to substantiate that idea.


We can’t expect to be good at any business, especially trading, without an intensity of focus. When work is over, however, it’s time to let it go and play.

All work and no play makes for a dull life.

The trick is finding the right balance.

Three day weekend, let’s relax and enjoy it.


Thanks to all our friends on Twitter who continue to share the journey with us in a spirit of cooperation. We are blessed to have each and every one of you as part of our extended family.


Special thanks to all the Veterans who have given service so that we may enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


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